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Barbara Giunta  BVBA
Brand: BABBI (www.babbi.be)
Adress: B.H. de Spoelberghdreef 2 – 9831 Deurle – Belgium
VAT:  BE 0884217455
Phone number: +32 (0)9 282 21 57
e-mail: info@babbi.be


These terms and conditions set out the parties’ rights and obligations for the purposes of the sale of products and services between www.babbi.be to and customers. The visitor of this webiste or buyer hereby acknowledges that s/he has read and accepted the relevant rights and obligations. Any order placed on the Services is governed by these conditions.
babbi.be will make every effort to ensure that the photographs of provided products or services on the Website are as accurate as possible. However, given the digital method used to display the products or services on the Internet, it is possible that the buyer’s perception of the photographs of a product or service may not exactly match the product or service itself.


The tax-inclusive price for each product,shown on the corresponding product, does not include shipping costs.


1. Everyone may place orders at babbi.be, our Website. If s/he guarantees that s/he is fully authorised to use the credit/debit card supplied or his/her PayPal account used for the purposes of paying for his/her Order and that this credit/debit card or his/her PayPal account has sufficient available funds to cover all of the costs incurred as a result of using the www.babbi.be services.

2. By clicking the “Checkout” button during the Order process, and after checking the contents of the Order in his/her “basket” and, where applicable, amending them, the buyer hereby states that s/he fully and unreservedly accepts all of these Terms and Conditions. After confirming the contents of his/her Order, the buyer must make final confirmation by means of payment.

3. The sale agreement between the buyer and babbi.be will only become final once the Order has been confirmed and the corresponding payment has been made.

4. babbi.be will always confirm both Orders received from each buyer and then their shipment, by e-mail.


These are subject to weight and countrie of delivery.



1. Place of delivery
The products or services will be sent to the delivery address which the buyer gives during the Order process. The contribution towards logistical preparation and shipping costs is inclusive of all taxes. Notice of all deliveries is given by e-mail babbi.be ships packages to anywhere in the world, If nobody is in at the address given by the buyer when the delivery is made, a notice of attempted delivery is usually put through the letterbox.It will then be up to the buyer to contact the courier to agree upon a new delivery date; it is also possible to collect the package from the courier’s nearest depot within fourteen (14) days from the leaving of this final notice. Once the times stated above have elapsed, the package will be sent back to babbi.be

2. Delivery time
The maximum delivery time in Europe is between 1 and 10 working days. and 30 days for the rest of the world, from the date when the order is made. If the delivery time would exceed this time frame,babbi.be must inform the buyer. If the delivery time would exceed 10 working days, lolo must inform the buyer.

3. Delays in delivery
Indeed, babbi.be shall not be liable to the buyer under the Terms and Conditions in any way whatsoever for destruction, damage, delay or inability to carry out its business arising out of war or civil commotion, strikes, lockout and industrial disputes, failure of utility service or transport network, fire, storm, explosion, floods or bad weather, breakdown of machinery or plant, malicious damage, compliance with any law governmental order rule direction or regulation or any default of suppliers or sub-contractors. babbi.be shall further be under no liability to the buyer for any circumstances beyond its reasonable control


Every shipped good is checked before shipping. Babbi foresees a decent packaging for each shipped good.
The buyer is excpected to check the good(s) immediately at its reception and to inform us in case of damage. The buyer do this by sending us an e-mail at info@babbi.be. Please adda picture of the damaged good(s).
Do not throw away the packaging before having checked the good(s) is/are ok. Goods can not be send back to Babbi without having informed Babbi priorly.


If the buyer is not happy with the received product, the buyer may return it to Babbi. The buyer must inform us of this by e-mail (info@babbi.be) within 14 days after it’s reception.The product needs to be send back in its original, undammaged state and in its original packaging. The cost of returning the product ordered and delivered to the buyer, along with any delivery of another product, shall be covered by the buyer. After Babbi receives these goods, the price of the purchase, including the shipping costs, will be refunded within thirty (30) days from the request made by the buyer. In any case, the returning products must be in exactly the same state as when received after order. If not, babbi.be may refuse these returning products.


Purchases may currently be paid for either by bank transfer or through PayPal accounts.


Legal guarantee.
Depending on the choice made by the buyer, babbi.be undertakes either to credit the buyerfor the price of the product or service or to exchange the Member’s product or service for an identical product or service, subject to stock and availability, or to exchange a product or service for a product or service of equivalent quality and price, subject to stock and availability, if a non-conforming product is delivered (Clause 4 above) and if a product or service which reveals a hidden defect is delivered.


Babbi.be reserves the right to make alterations to these Terms and Conditions. Buyers agree to comply with the current version of Terms and Conditions by only ordering and purchasing on babbi.be Website.


Babbi.be endeavours to respect the confidentiality of any personal data provided by Members on the Website and to use them in line with the Belgian Data Protection Act 1992 law.
However babbi.be informs its buyers that it will communicate personal data of members to ensure the good delivery of their Orders by its Logistics partners, some aspects of the After-Sale Services. Moreover, babbi.be will also communicate these data where necessary to respond to a legal authority injunction.