Exchanges & Returns

Our return policy

If the buyer is not happy with the received goods, the buyer may return it to BABBI. 

How can I return or exchange an item?

Please use this link to easily process your returns

The buyer must inform BABBI by e-mail within 14 calendar days upon it's reception. The return needs to be at the BABBI address within 10 working days. The product needs to be sent back in its original, undamaged state and its original packaging. The cost of returning the product to the seller, shall be covered by the buyer. If the pair would happen to be damaged it will be sent by the buyer to BABBI and replaced by BABBI. If the size does not happen to be right, the buyer will pay the return costs and BABBI will replace them as quick as possible. The shipping costs back to the buyer of a first replacement are carried out by the seller. In case of a second replacement, the transport costs will be carried out by the buyer. In any case, the returning products must be in exactly the same state as when received. If not, BABBI may refuse these returning products.

Returns from outside the EU

Important: If you are making a return from the US we strongly advise using DHL Express as your carrier. This way you can avoid possible double taxation.

BABBI Shoes does not have the obligation to pay taxes for returning items. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform themselves how to avoid taxes while sending a return.