What is your commitment to sustainability?

We work with vegetable tanned skins for our VEG collection: only natural chemicals – extracted from plans and trees- are used in the tanning process without use of Chrome. 

Where are the BABBI shoes produced?

BABBI’s are handcrafted in both Italy and Portugal.

Is it true that you only use 100% natural products to make a BABBI shoe?

Yes, only the subtle outdoor rubber sole is stuck with natural glue.

Where do the BABBI sheeps live?

BABBI sheep live in England.

Where does the name BABBI come from?

BABBI is the nickname of founder and designer Barbara, given to her since childhood.

Can I offer BABBI shoes as a gift?

Option 1 : you can buy a gift card – valid for 6 months -  and offer it to your special lucky one.

Option 2 : we wrap your order as a gift and ship it to you or to the lucky one.

Do I only wear BABBI’s in winter?

BABBI’s are worn the whole year through. They are made out of double face sheepskin, which adapts to your natural body temperature. It allows your skin to breath and prevents sweat.

Should I wear socks with BABBI’s?

Ideally you should wear them barefoot in order to feel the ideal warmth and comfort of sheepskin.